Lisa Yonts Daniels

Posted: October 15, 2010 in Praise


I apologize, before I write.  But I do believe you will believe, once this is said and done.   I showed you the concept of a Blog, as a tired, middle aged former Wall Street guy, trying to find his voice.   I have taught myself this, through many inspirational posts from others, on the Web.   They have led the charge.  I hope you and I can continue this.

You are a fighting Nashville songwriter, dear friend and fellow Nashville native.  You have inspired me.   We have discovered this apart, and now, hopefully we’ll discover more together.

There will be a Nashville category on Greg836.   This city, is dear to many of us, for many reasons.  This city has been and remains our home!

2010 has been horrid for Nashville,  and its natives, as well as all of its residents.  The national tone /tambre and the flood have not helped.    The music community and the Nashville community, its residents and Spirit have rocked in its comeback.

I hope we will always remember this new start, as a start to give back to others.

You are a great Mom and Wife Lisa.   Big Love!!!!


“nashville rocks!”


– Max

M. Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are

“Let the  RANTS begin and start shouting at the devil!”



“Ground control to Major Tom; take your protein pills and put your helmet on.   Ground control to Major Tom;   commencing countdown; engines on………Check ignition and may God’s Love be with you.”

all rights reserved, David Bowie; ‘Space Oddity’


My blog begins.